Kanji Takahashi

Last update 2016/12/25


Natural Language Processing Lab
2nd-year master's student in Department of Electrical, Electronics, and Information Engineering
Nagaoka University of Technology, JAPAN

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Research interests
  • Japanese resource construction
  • Paraphrasing
  • Machine translation
  • Vietnamese language processing
  • Developing NLP tools, I published some tools on the Github.
    • Vietnamese joint word segmentation and POS tagging
    • Web demonstration template for NLP research
    • Vietnamese diacritics restoration

Publications (in English)

Internship, Overseas education

  • Short stay research program, Ho chi minh city University of Technology (Jan 4, 2016 ~ Feb 1, 2016), Vietnam
  • Long term internship, Ho chi minh city University of Technology (Sep 15, 2014 ~ Feb 13, 2015), Vietnam, Introduction in Vietnamese
  • Overseas education, The University of Danang College of Technology (Feb 28, 2013 ~ April 4,2013), Vietnam (Trường Cao đẳng Công nghệ Đà Nẵng , Đại học Đà Nẵng , 28/2/2013~4/4/2013)

B4 seminar
B3 seminar (Written in Japanese)


I'll upload my study about Natural Language Processing.
Qiita, I write Linux techniques for NLP. (Written in Japanese)

Soft tennis, Motor cycle(Moto Gymkhana, Forest road)
Playing the instruments(Tuba, Electric Bass)