English Seminar

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  • "English Seminar" is a seminar in our lab to study natural language processing together in English.  
  • A seminar takes roughly one hour, and is held generally once a week.  The schedule can be seen in our Web page (written as English(name)).
  • A presenter introduces (in English) any conference paper of natural language processing that the presenter is interested in. 
  • One purpose of the seminar is to communicate each other all in English.  Japanese students tend to have no experience so far to use English as a communication tool.  However, it is very important for your English skill to face a situation where all you can use is English, such as a presentation for foreigners.

All graduate (Master/Doctor) students in the lab are required to attend the seminar.  Undergraduate students and students outside of our lab are also welcome to join at any time without notification in advance.

E-mail Announcement

The presenter has to make an announcement to the email address at least one week before the seminar. The email must include date and time, the title, and the PDF file of the paper, if any.


You can prepare any handouts (printing matters and/or Web pages) written in English.  If you use printing matters, you have to prepare it for the supervisor even if he can not attend there.  The handouts are seen in this page since summer of 2012.  

Dos and Donts
  • Never use Japanese.  You must not speak, show, write any Japanese word.
  • Speak English more and more and more.
  • Don't blame and/or laugh at anyone's English mistakes.  Even if English is not correct, you always try to understand what s/he wants to say.
  • Don't be silent throughout the seminar.
  • You must not talk anything about the paper after the seminar.  If you want to say something for the paper, you say this at the seminar.