English Seminar

This page is a record of my presentation.

I apologize if there are any mistakes in my English.

Nov. 26, 2013

In this study, the author discussed effective features about various measures of similarities.

Title: Effective Features for Judging Ontology Mapping

Handout: EnglishSeminar_10

Oct. 22, 2013

In this seminar, the authors proposed the emotion judgment system which is one of studies of common sense, and they focused on common sense judgement about human's emotion.

Title: Overview of the Emotion Judgment System

Handout: EnglishSeminar_09

Sep. 10, 2013

In this seminar, I introduced the invited talk presented by Yuji Matsumoto at the conference of PACLING 2013.

Title: Two Issues in Syntactic Parsing -- Coordinaation and Complex Sentence Patterns --

Handout: (No handout)

July 17, 2013

In this seminar, I introduced about my study (recent progress).

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May 20, 2013

In this paper, the authors estimate specific user profiles using text message on social media in order to analyze the user behavior, the user preference, and so on.

Title: Profile estimation using the first person possessive

Handout: EnglishSeminar_08

Mar.29, 2013

In this paper, the authors automatically construct the knowledge base form product pages, and automatically extract the attribute-value pairs from product description pages using it.

Title: Automatic extraction of attribute-value pairs from product description page

Handout: EnglishSeminar_07

Dec.17, 2012

In this paper, the authors present automatic construction method of Katakana variant list from large corpus.

Title: Automatic construction of Katakana variant list from large corpus

Handout: EnglishSeminar_06

Nov.5, 2012

In this paper, the authors construct database of common-sense knowledges using thesaurus of predicate-argument structure for Japanese verebs.

Title: Construction of a Database of Knowledge on Relation between Events for Inference Using Natural Language

Handout: EnglishSeminar_05

July 24, 2012

In this paper, the authors defined two properties in relations, and I think it is very important and interesting in relation extraction tasks.

Title: Classification of binary relation knowledges for named-entity pairs using linguistic clues

Handout: EnglishSeminar_04

June 12, 2012

In this paper, the authors proposed the generating method of sentences for common sense knowledge bases.

Title: Generation method of Sentences for Common Sense Knowledge Bases Using WordNet and Web Search

Handout: EnglishSeminar_03

Apr.24, 2012

I think that the proposed approach is interesting as extracting method of common sense knowledge.

Title: A Relation Extraction Method between Related Concepts using Web Search

Handout: EnglishSeminar_02

Mar.5, 2012

In this time, I introduce the Distant Supervision that is one of the learning paradigm.

Title: Overview of Distant Supervision

Handout: EnglishSeminar_01