Last update:2015.04.08

Shunsuke Takeno

Graduate(M1), majoring in Natural Language Processing

Dept. Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering,

Nagaoka University of Technology.

E-Mail :takeno[at]

Tel : 080-5367-6318



  • Aug. 2012: Weekly Internship, Engineer Course, OPTiM Corp.


  • Mar. 2015: Young researcher's award, Tokyo branch of of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
  • Mar. 2015: Performance award for High marks, Nagaoka Univesity of Technology(B.E).
  • May. 2011: Prized for good logo mark design, Maizuru National College of Technology(used for logo mark at present)
    • Nov. 2010, First Prize The 2010 English Presentation Contest for Colleges of Technology in the Kinki Distrcit
  • Mar. 2013: Performance award for High marks, National Institute of Technology, Maizuru College a.k. Maizuru National College of Technology.

Research Interests

  • Natural language processing
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Distributed algorithms and systems


  • Editor : vim
  • Programing Language: Python, Ruby,HTML, Javascript, C, C++,C#.
  • Basically development skills : VCS(git, mercurial), unittest(pytest)
  • Machine Learning(I can use scikit-learn for general methods, theano for deep learning)
  • Some algorithm and theory for Natural Language Processing.


  • Videos (directing and editing movie and video clips)
  • Some public learning materials in Japanese(link)