Kanji Takahashi

Last update 2016/12/25



Natural Language Processing Lab

2nd-year master's student in Department of Electrical, Electronics, and Information Engineering

Nagaoka University of Technology, JAPAN

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SNS: Linkedin, Github

Internship, Overseas education

  • Short stay research program, Ho chi minh city University of Technology (Jan 4, 2016 ~ Feb 1, 2016), Vietnam
  • Long term internship, Ho chi minh city University of Technology (Sep 15, 2014 ~ Feb 13, 2015), Vietnam, Introduction in Vietnamese
  • Overseas education, The University of Danang College of Technology (Feb 28, 2013 ~ April 4,2013), Vietnam (Trường Cao đẳng Công nghệ Đà Nẵng , Đại học Đà Nẵng , 28/2/2013~4/4/2013)


Literature reviews for English seminar

B4 seminar

B3 English seminar

B3 seminar (Written in Japanese)


I'll upload my study about Natural Language Processing.

Literature introduction (Slideshare but sorry Japanese only)

Vietnamese Natural Language Processing

Qiita, I write Linux techniques for NLP. (Written in Japanese)


Soft tennis, Motor cycle(Moto Gymkhana, Forest road)

Playing the instruments(Tuba, Electric Bass)

Research interests

Publications (in English)