Manami Moku

Nice to meet you. This is Moku Manami.

Moku is a family name (last name).

Manami is a given name (first name).

Nagaoka University of Technology

Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering

The 1st grader of Master Course

Natural Language Processing Lab.

My work:

Easy Japanese (Simplified Japanese)→ (This official site is written by only Japanese.)

Japanese is necessary to live in Japan. The documents in a government office, school, hospital and so on are written in Japanese .

But there are many foreign people who can't speak Japanese in Japan.

Easy Japanese project will solve it.

We translate difficult Japanese into easy (simplified) Japanese.

Of course, foreign people need to study Easy Japanese but it is easier than studying present Japanese for foreign people.

Malay Natural Language Processing

I went to Malaysia as an exchange student for 3 months in UM (University of Malaya).

I studied about a little Malay NLP...

I am writting a paper now. Please wait... X(

I live in Malaysia 2nd times (first time is to work as teaching asistant of Japanese for 5 months in Unisel (University of Selangor), JAD)

but I speak only a little Malay. For examples, "Terima kasih", "Sama-sama", "Makan sini" and so on...

Please don't talk to me in Malay... ;(

If you are interested in my work, please send an e-mail...

Thank you and Terima kasih...